We approach Our Business by focusing on Your Business.  We seek first to understand what it is You do and How you do it, what it is that we can help you with, and how to make it best for you... what you Need... AND what you Want!

We do this by first learning about your business and understanding your data, only then building a prototype application to demonstrate functionality and test your interface preferences, and then iteratively arriving at a final product totally customized to your needs and ways of doing your business.

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Our Areas of Expertise

DataBase Management and Application Development

 Design and Development of Unique, Client-Customized, Rich GUI   (GraphicUserInterface) Applications 

Business Analytics with BetaForecasting

 Applications and Data Analysis 

in myriad Businesses, 

using  Common Sense Statistics

Client or Cloud-Based DataBase Retention

 Customer Server or Hosted Service 

Cost Effective


Low Initial Cost based on efficient Development
 Annual Maintenance based on User Base

Quality and Support


On-going Client Design Verification and Software Validation
 Quick Client Response, Source-Code Vaulting